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Dr. Eva-Maria Baumgartner

because, ultimately, it is all about aesthetics

With my years of experience and knowledge in aesthetic dentistry, I follow the latest industry standarts to optimize your teeth. I have gained a reputation for my understanding of design and aesthetics within the dental industry. I will put it to work for your satisfaction. Together we will unlock your winning smile.

Core Competencies
  • Conservative and reconstructive dentistry
  • Aesthetic dentistry
  • Supraconstructions on implant work
  • Synoptic dentistry
  • White / tooth-colored fillings
  • Oral surgery
  • Endodontics
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Dental Bleaching

If you are ready to restore the natural whiteness of your teeth, dental bleaching is a safe and powerful solution. We will help you regain the dazzling brilliance of your smile

  • A Safe Procedure

    Dental bleaching is one of the most common procedures in aesthetic dentistry. Our team of professionals will assist you with your bleaching needs and make sure that you enjoy outstanding results.

  • Results You Will Be Proud Of

    You will be impressed with the cosmetic enhancements the procedure brings. You can even determine the ideal degree of whiteness for your teeth - for your complete comfort and satisfaction.

  • Regain Your Brilliant Smile – for Many Months

    Following our dental bleaching you will benefit from a bright smile for several months – or even longer, depending on your personal diet.

  • Immediate Results - hassle free

    Bleaching is a low-maintenance yet highly attractive solution for busy individuals seeking to improve their appearance.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are specially tailored to the individual characteristics of your teeth and provide outstanding whitening and other aesthetic improvements.

  • Increased Protection and Aesthetic Benefits

    Veneers protect your teeth and let your smile shine. Your teeth will remain healthy and spotless for longer.

  • Wear Your Smile Proudly

    Porcelain Veneers enhance the color, angle or position of individual teeth. Veneers can even correct overlaps and gaps – for that natural, radiant look.

  • Instant results in two steps

    First, we plan your new natural smile together. Once we have produced your preferred look as a veneer, it is attached to your teeth immediately – giving you the instant gratification of a new self.

  • Easy to Maintain

    With your veneers, nothing changes regarding cleaning and maintaining your teeth. Use your regular hygienic routine to keep your veneers in excellent condition – that way you will enjoy them for an extended period.

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All-Ceramic Crowns

Widely considered to provide the most natural look possible, all-ceramic crowns are the perfect choice if you are passionate about preserving the appearance and feel of your original teeth.

  • Preserve Your Gumline

    All-ceramic crowns are composed of biocompatible materials bringing maximum synergy between crown and surrounding gumline. Because of this, your gums remain healthy and full after you have received your crowns.

  • Highlight Your Authentic Appearance

    Thanks to a translucent design, all-ceramic crowns easily blend in with the oral features unique to you – so your smile remains authentic. All-ceramic crowns merge perfectly with the rest of your teeth.

  • Comfortable Protection

    All-ceramic crowns put an end to allergic reactions. Additionally, you can enjoy the foods you love – hot and cold - thanks to the extra protection these crowns provide.

  • Strong, Durable and Appealing

    Thanks to modern CAD/CAM technology all-ceramic crowns are built to last. Affordable and appealing, all-ceramic crowns have become a popular choice for adults of all ages.


White Fillings

Dental fillings are an excellent method of safeguarding the integrity of your teeth over the long-term. Especially white fillings have improved aesthetic benefits.

  • Invest in the Future of Your Oral Health

    For teeth requiring additional support, dental fillings provide much-needed relief. Our professional team will determine where fillings are necessary - so you can relax and keep your pleasant smile.

  • Comfortable, Stress-Free Procedure

    With our cutting-edge technology and dedicated staff you benefit from a smooth, non-invasive procedure which dramatically improves your oral health.

  • Strong Teeth for Years to Come

    Fillings reduce tooth sensitivity so you can enjoy hot and cold foods again. By investing in dental fillings, you can be sure that your teeth remain strong and healthy for the future.

  • Bring Back Your Natural Smile

    Fillings provide a stress-free means of restoring the health and vitality of your teeth. Tooth fillings also reduce the sensitivity of your teeth so you can eat and drink normally again. On top of that, your oral health improves overall. You feel more comfortable, your face is more relaxed and your smile completely natural again.

Dr. Eva-Maria Baumgartner CV

Zahnarzt SSO

  • Deutsch-französisches Baccalauréat Typus C in Freiburg i. Br.
  • Studium der Zahnmedizin an der Uni Fribourg und Basel mit Abschluss 2003
  • Zahnärztin in der Praxis Frau Dr. Viviane Dahinden-Hurni in Fribourg
  • November 2004 bis November 2008 Zahnärztin in der Praxis Dr. Beat R. Kurt
  • Ab Dezember 2008 in Praxisgemeinschaft mit Dr. Beat R. Kurt
  • WBA in oraler Implantologie April 2016